Sunday, December 5, 2010

Many faces of Jack Cornell

Also known as:
The Infamous
Dirty J
Chill Cornell
and many more,

(or any combination of the above names ex. The infamous Jack Chillnell)

Here are his many faces:

Pre-hit game face:

Chill-nellin' hard with me:

We found him on our way to taco bell:


Fishin' Jack

You'll notice here a weird similarity between his face in the next two pictures. Shot years apart. Conspiracy? Maybe.

Last but not least, his favorite hammer (a "Jack-Hammer" if you will..), the Jack-1 on, sw Jack-1 off.

It's possible that if you havent met the infamous Jack Cornell, he's either your friend or has chatted you on facebook. Just kidding... BUT If you HAVE met him, than you know he's one goofy bastard. He's a creep but we love the fucker.

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