Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Its officially winter time here in Utah. The first week of winter brought 7 feet of fresh snow, and it looks like some more feet will pile this week. Hopefully some city snow will come with this next storm. Brighton's jumps are open and the pipe is getting under way soon. Other than that SLC has been chyll as fuck! Oh this is kinda funny- im looking after Rob, and Andrew N's beta fish while they go home for break. I left the fish alone in my unheated apartment while I went up to Brighton for a few days. When I return to my apartment all the fish are belly up and it smells real fishy. . .These fish kicked the fuggin bucket!!!!@@!!! but turns out that they were just hibernating and the fishy smell was some some Chinese foreign exchange students cooking dinner!

Rob and Andrew your fishes are still swimmin an shit.

Anyways, now that its winter time and snowboard edits get dropped like pennies, ima switch it up and drop this brand new edit I made with footage from last october check it! Matty Ryan and Myself skatin the U!

Also, is anyone looking to buy a Panasonic DVX???

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