Sunday, November 7, 2010

little bit of friday...

Random compilation of texts from the night.

(in this order)
"Mad blonde chicks ummmmm yeah hahahahahha fuck fist to face fuck the poe lice"
"And die"

"Very safe but lost all by myself. Don't worry about rob"

Tucker (In response):
"Nope but i'm having fun!"

Rob spent the night in a random house getting scratched and having his lips licked by cats and dogs

...But that's not the only "pussy" (get it cats, haha) he got that night...

Kidding, he didn't bang it, only got his face sucked...And don't worry, we made her apologize for that..

LOTS of cops came...
"My neighbors reported being threatened and witnessing volatile, life-threatening activity."

Once back at the room...Tucker comes in at 7, five minutes later Rob calls my to let him in...I step outside and hear "THERE HE IS" followed by Rob and Cole (in his underwear) sprinting towards me.

Other notable events:
Andrew ran from multiple cops
Max got arrested
Noah slayed some chick
Tom was spotted at 4am riding his scooter to the stadium.
Aaaaand the banger...
Bean got evicted.

Solid weekend...

Much thanks to the Bean for throwing down and we're all sorry about how it turned out.

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