Monday, November 8, 2010

Bucket Kickin' it Weekend pt. 2

This sign applies to Tucker Brown
I apparently drew this one night and was frightened to find it the next day in my sketchpad
Chris and Kevin... no comment
I would also say no comment about this photo of Cole Atencio... But what you need to know is that he urinated in that Polar Springs bottle and was passing it around the party like there was no tomorrow. One chick took a swig like she had never been presented a drink in her life... ouch

We like to call this zone the Grassy Knoll in honor of deceased president John F. Kennedy and weed. It's a hike but worth it for sure.

Now, visualize pictures of us snowboarding in the woods and at Brighton because we did that as well and had too much fun to document any of it.

Brighton opens this Friday (hopefully) so we will be chylln wit da boyz up thurr

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