Thursday, October 6, 2011

ktb ain't dead

Today was the first snow of the season, here's the shit we've been doing up till now.

@ Lake Mary and the Snatch Patch, which will forever remain a secret

chris cloud skatin rose

Featuring: Tucker Brown, Jack Cornell, Christopher Cloud, Parker Worthen, Sean Whittaker, Cameron Gorby, Andrew Aldridge

Featuring: Project pat, Fucker Brown, Chris LeMatty, Parker Worthen, Gorby, Logriff, Andrew Aldridge, and other homies.

Filmed by mostly Bobby Fieldz

All we have done all summer is watch amazing snowboarding videos on the internet and it has seriously made us depressed so we tried to get a little boarding in before we killed ourselves. I used to do this every fall as an immature middle school student but never in the dead heat of the summer. On a collective day off, we drove an hour to steal ice shavings from an ice rink... yeah, were those guys.

Riding from: Tucker Brown, Christian Buling, and myself.

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