Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gunstock Mountain? Air Bag? What the Fuck?

While browsing Gunstock's Facebook page moments ago I came across this photo. Cool, I thought, Gunstock has come up with another absolutely fucking retarded Idea and this time it's build the biggest jump they have ever built... to flat. I mean, yeah, Iv'e hit my fair share of jumps at Gunstock and have noticed they feel similar to landing on an up hill slab of concrete, but this is ridiculous. And the sad part is if they actually left it this way, people would be amped on the new launch ramp and would be sending it to flat 7 days a week.
Fortunately, Gunstock will not be leaving this monster cheese wedge how it is pictured here. They will be getting one of those fancy Airbags so then kids can huck there carcass and expect it to be the same when they take it to the "Big Air" jump at Gunstock (>30ft). I'll give it a week until some Masshole kid fucks him self up on this monster. Actually, I give it a week until some local kid gets fucked up on drugs and stabs it with a knife. Seriously.

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